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Bihar Board 12th Model Paper for Intermediate Exam 2019

Bihar board 12th model paper

Bihar board 12th model paper:

All the students who have registered to seat in upcoming BSEB 12th / intermediate examination is hereby informed that  Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) has recently released the set of class 12 model paper for the upcoming examination. The Bihar board intermediate examination will be conducted in the month of February 2019. The Bihar board 12th model paper 2019 is now available on our website. Download the BSEB 12th model paper of all subjects included in Bihar board 12th syllabus 2019. Bihar board question bank/guess paper for class 12th is also available you can download it free of cost from our site. For 2019 ka model paper please click on the link provided. To download BSEB sample papers 2019 please click on the link provided along with the content.

BSEB 12th Model paper subjects:

Model paper class 12th/ intermediate of year 2018-19 is available now. Bihar board 12th model paper includes the subjects of science as well as arts. Science parts include model papers of physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, English and regional languages. Whereas the commerce part includes the subject within this part. The other is arts whose model paper includes History, Civics, geography, economics, English and their regional languages.

Bihar board 12th Exam time table:

BSEB has recently released the complete date schedule of Bihar board 12th examination. The examination will start in the first week of February. Here V.C is Vocational Course. Here is the time table and the shifts of exam:

Time table for Bihar Board intermediate examination 2019

Date and Day First Shift
(9:30 am to 12:45 pm)
Second Shift
(1:45 pm to 5:00 pm)
06 Feb 2019
Biology (I.Sc) Philosophy (I.A )
R.B. Hindi (V.C) Entrepreneurship (I.Com)
07 Feb 2019
Language Subject
Computer Science
(I.A., I.Sc. & I.Com)
Multi Media & Web. Tech.
(I.A., I.Sc. & I.Com)
Foundation Course (V.C)
08 Feb 2019
Physics (I.Sc) History (I.A)
Yoga & Physical Edu.
English (V.C)
09 Feb 2019
N.R.B. & M.B. (I.A.) Accountancy (I.Com.)
Vocational Trade-I (V.C)
11 Feb 2019
Chemistry (I.Sc.) Political Science (I.A.)
Vocational Trade – II (V.C)
12 Feb 2019
Agriculture (I.Sc) Business Studies (I.Com.)
Music (I.A.) Geography (I.A.)
13 Feb 2019
Language Subject
(I.Sc. & I.Com)
Psychology (I.A.)
Vocational Trade – III (V.C)
14 Feb 2019
N.R.B. & M.B.
(I.Sc. & I. Com)
Sociology (I.A.)
Related Subjects (V.C)
15 Feb 2019
(I.Sc. & I.A.)
Economics (I.A.)
16 Feb 2019
Home Science (I.A.) –—
Economics (I.Com.) –—

After this examination, BSEB will conduct the matric exam 2019.

Bihar board model paper for intermediate examination 2019:

We have provided the model test paper here in pdf format. You can download it from here. Bihar board 12th model paper contains all the sets of model or sample sets of each subject. each is listed orderly here.

1. Science Stream: Bihar board 12th model paper

Science Stream Model papers
Subject Model paper class 12 BSEB
Physics Model paper 2019 – Physics
Chemistry Model Paper 2019 – Chemistry
Biology Model paper 2019 – Biology
Mathematics Model paper 2019 – Mathematics
English Model Paper 2019 – LL-English
Hindi Model paper 2019 – NRB_MB Non Hindi
Model paper 2019 – LL_Hindi

2. Arts Stream: Bihar board 12th model paper

Arts Stream Model papers
Subject BSEB Model Paper 2019
History History
Geography Geography
Political Science Political Science
Economics Economics
Philosophy Philosphy
Psychology Psychology
Sociology Sociology
English Alt. English
Hindi NRB MB Non-Hindi
LL Hindi

3. Commerce Stream: Bihar board 12th model paper

Commerce Stream Model Papers
Subject BSEB Model Paper 12th
Accountancy Accountancy
Business Studies Business Studies
Economics Economics
English LL-English
Hindi Model paper 2019 – NRB_MB Non Hindi

4. Language and Other Subjects: Bihar board 12th model paper

Language and other subjects model paper
Subject BSEB Model Paper
Agriculture Model Paper – Agriculture
Multimedia and
web technology
Multimedia and
Web Technology
Computer science Model Paper – Computer Science
Yoga and physical education Yoga and Physical
Music Model Paper – Music
IA, Maithili Model Paper – Maithili (IA)
I.Sc, Icom – LL Maithili MLL Maithili (ISc/Com), MB Maithili MB Maithili
I.A LL Bhojpuri LL Bhojpuri (IA)
I.Sc, LL Bhojpuri LL Bhojpuri
I.A, Sanskrit Sanskrit(IA)
I.Sc, Sanskrit Sanskrit
I.A – MB Urdu MB Urdu(IA)
I.A – LL Urdu LL Urdu
I.Sc, – MB Urdu MB Urdu
IA LL Arabic LL Arabic(IA)
IA LL Pali LL Pali (IA), Icom LL Pali Model Paper -LL Pali
IA, LL Prakrit LL Prakrit

Bihar board Science & arts model paper 2019 is available here to download. One can also download guess paper.


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