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Class 11 MCQ Questions of Locomotion and Movement with Answers

Students are encouraged to practice the NCERT Class 11 Biology MCQ Questions of Locomotion and Movement with Answers free is accessible here. MCQ Questions for Class 11 Biology with Answers are ready according to the Latest Exam Pattern and NERT Books. Students can solve these Locomotion and Movement Class 11 MCQ Questions with Answers and survey their level of preparation.

One of the foremost significant features exhibited by living entities is movement. Both plants and animals exhibit movement during a wide selection of sorts. An easy sort of movement is where unicellular organisms like Amoeba exhibits streaming of protoplasm. Other movements are the movement of flagella, cilia, and tentacles. Some movements cause to shift from one to a different position which are voluntary movements termed as locomotion. examples of locomotion are running, flying, walking, swimming, etc. Movement and locomotion are closely linked and hence studied together.

Here you’ll get Class 11 MCQ Questions Biology based on NCERT Text book for class 11. MCQ Questions are very helpful to attain high marks in board exams. Here we’ve covered Important Questions on Locomotion and Movement for class 11 Biology subject.

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