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Class 9 Science MCQ Questions of Natural Resources with Answers

This webpage comprises Class 9 Science MCQ Questions of natural resources with answers. Natural resources form an important part of humankind. A number of these are water, air, sunlight, petroleum, fossil fuels, gas, oil, and far more. These resources, however, are being exploited for commercialization purposes and economical benefits. While a number of these resources are abundantly available and capable of self-renewal. Their conservation is critical.

All the MCQ questions are given answers. Getting tuned in with these MCQ Questions of natural resources will assist you to practice Multiple choice questions of varying difficulty which is vital for the purpose of examination.

We have Provided MCQ Questions for class 9 Science with Answers to assist students understands the concept alright.

MCQ Questions will help student revise all important concepts of class 9 and make them write correct answers for all objective type question within the exam

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