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Impact of social media on education: An interesting case study.

Social Media in Education: Teaching, Information sharing, LMS

Impact of social media in education

Impact of social media on education is very inspirable. Teacher and student both are being indulged in the market of social media. They have realized the Power of social media as a platform of knowledge sharing with its evolution. Impact of social media on education is very important. Nowadays, College programs and events are being propagated through an online platform. Social media for both teacher and student provides a common platform of information sharing.

Social media also influence the Importance of Education in changing digital world.

Some of the advantages of social media are:-

  • Social media as a platform of information sharing- 

Through the use of social media students and teacher are finding it as a platform of information sharing. Students can share knowledge by sharing PDFs and links. Distance education courses are growing as more students are opting for them with the use of social media.

  • Social media as a platform for web meeting-

Many institutions are using social media to market their courses online and making studying easier for children. Higher educational institution prefers a Learning Management System (LMS). They are specially designed for educational purposes for distance education and also provide a mobile software application for students. The teacher can also share their content through these applications.

Along with all these positive effects, there are some negative side effects of the impact of social media on education also.

  • Wastage of time-With these education purposes students are now spending more time online and end up wasting time on the internet. It is also getting to some kind of addiction. Also in a research, it has been found that the children who spend more than 6 hours a day on internet develop a greater chance of going into the depression.
  • Affecting the interpersonal communication-Impact of social media on education have also grown adverse when the online fever has affected interpersonal communication and destroyed the real communication. The physical and emotional imbalance caused by the impact of social media on students were made them irritable and dull. There have also been cases of fraud on institution providing bogus degrees online and children are falling into the trap of such things.

Considering all these positive and negative effects of the impact of social media on education it gets necessary for the parents to keep a check on the usage of social media on the students. Students should think of how much time they want to spend on social media. The negative impact mentioned above should not certainly influence the student’s education.


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