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MCQ Questions of Surface Areas and Volumes with Answers

Class 10 Maths MCQ Questions of Surface Areas and Volumes will help to get the ideas for the world free from Surface Areas and Volumes is given here. The practice of MCQ Questions for Class 10 is the only key of achievement in the exams.

Students will get to know how to solve MCQs dependent on surface regions and volumes of various shapes, like a cone, circle, cylinder and that’s just the beginning. Other concepts discussed in this chapter also include the conversion of a solid from one shape to another shape and then finding the surface area and volume of the new shape formed. In view of the changed exam pattern that includes amounts of MCQ Questions, we have covered all the section shrewd CBSE Class 10 Maths target questions that are required to be remembered for the exam papers.

Sub-Topics Discussed Under the Surface Areas and Volumes

  • Basics
  • Combination of solids
  • Shape conversion of solids

Explore the list of multiple-choice questions below:-

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