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Math Formula for class 11

Here is the full chart of math formula for class 11 of all the chapters following CBSE, NCERT curriculum.
The links for formula is provided in the right side.

Math formula for class 11

Set Theory Click Here
Relations and Functions Click Here
Trigonometric Functions Click Here
Quadratic Equations Click Here
Linear Inequalities Click Here
Permutations and Combinations Click Here
Binomial Theorem Click Here
Sequences and Series Click Here
Straight Lines Click Here
Conic Sections Click Here
Limits Click Here
Derivatives Click Here
Statistics Click Here

Math formula for class 11

In this article, we will study all the formulas related to the full syllabus. It is covered under the curriculum of NCERT followed by CBSE, ICSE and all the state boards. The main motive of math formula for class 11 is to provide all the necessary formulas list at a single platform. When you see the chart you must fell that complete revision package is present at a single platform. One has not to move further. The first and foremost thing is to care about is that you don’t have to waste your precious time in making a note of all the formulas by searching all in the book.


The best part of math formula for class 11 is that it is provided with a little note which will make you easy to revise. It happens sometimes that you don’t remember certain terms and you need to open the book to see that specific terms. At this platform, you will be free from all such issues. The main focus of math formula for class 11 is to provide you with enough material for revision and preparation of exams.

Learn accurately, it will help you in solving the questionnaire correctly as well as quickly. Nowadays one is not given much time to solve every question as his desired time. You have to be quick. So we are helping you to raise,


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