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Math Formula For class 8

Rational Number
linear equation in one variable
Ratio and proportion
Mensuration (1)
Square and Square Root
Cube and cube root

The chart of math formula for class 8 is listed here.
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Math Formula for Class 8


Rational Numbers

    • Properties
    • Operations
    • Role of 1
    • Negative of a number
    • Number line representation
  • Identities

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Linear Equation in
One Variable

    • Algebraic Equation
    • Algebraic Expression
    • Solution methods
    • Applications
  • Reducible Equations

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Square and Square Roots

    • Properties
    • Perfect square
    • Pythagorean Triplets
  • Methods to find sq. root

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Cube and Cube Roots

    • Cubes
    • Cube roots
  • Prime factors

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Comparing Quantities

    • By difference
    • Ratio
  • Proportions

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Algebraic Expressions and

    • Monomial
    • Binomial
    • Operations
  • Standard Identities

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    • Perimeter
    • Area
    • Volume
  • Surface Area

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Exponents and Powers

    • Rules
    • Laws of exponents
  • Comparison

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Direct and Inverse Proportions

    • Direct Proportion
    • Inverse Proportion
  • Relations

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    • Common Factors
    • Regrouping
  • Division

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Math Formula for Class 8:

As you see in this section math formula for class 8, there are little notes which will make you more clarity in understanding the terms around that particular topic. You don’t have to move further to search key terms related to the specific topic. As you know every topic has some bullet points which your eyes catch early. we are making efforts so that we can give you an optimal solution for each problem which arises as doubt in your mind. Learn it anywhere, anytime.

The math formula for class 8 is based on the CBSE, ICSE and state boards and follows the NCERT curriculum. Each chapter is covered for making the students easy to learn each and every chapter important notes. Our motto is to develop ignited minds.  At this platform each and every math formula up to class 12th are available. You can also download pdf of math formulas from here.

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