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Math Formula

Here is the math formula which you need the most for your study. Click on the respective class icon for the list of formulas.

To get formula list of mathematics for class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12, click on respective classes menu.

math formula class 6/class 6th math formula
Math formula for class 6
Math formulas for class 7/ class 7th formula list
Math formula for class 7
Math formulas for class 8/ 8th formula list
Math formula for class 8
Math formulas for class 9
Math formula for class 9
Math formulas for class 10/ class 10th math formula
Math formula for class 10
Math formulas for class 11
Math formula for class 11
Math formulas for class 12
Math formula for class 12

This list of formulas will play a key role especially in the revision and also when you start reading a particular chapter. This time you should not have to waste your time in searching different formulas inside the book. Also, we have special CBSE math formula for class 10. Now you are only a single click away from the formulas related to your respective chapter. You can also download the pdf of the list of maths formula. we will provide a separate link to download the math formula

Procedure for getting the math formula of the chapter you are searching:

The first method is simple as you can search for the formula on this website. The search icon is at the left up corner of the website. Another method is also simple as click on the class icon which you are studying you will get a separate page where all the chapters are present. Now you can click on your desired chapter to get the full math formula chart of that chapter. Let’s take a brief on class 10th math formula, the image provided above showing number 10 will take you to the formula list of that class chapterwise.

Short Notes:

Also, we have included a little note about each subtopic. It will help you to enhance your learning capability. You don’t have to move further for the notes, basic math formula along with little notes will provide you with more information. 

Here is the list of all math formulas for class 6, class 7, class 8, class 9, class 10, class 11, class 12. All the topics are based on the CBSE curriculum and strictly follows the NCERT pattern. For Board exams as well as JEE Mains and Advance you can take a look on these formulas. 

The highlighted formulas are: 

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