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JEE Main Exam Pattern & Marking Scheme 2025

To clear the IIT Joint Entrance Exam, one must know about the total JEE Main Exam Pattern 2025. The pattern of Paper 1 and the pattern of Paper 2 for JEE Main exam 2025 is totally different. Applicants ought to allude to the particular JEE Main exam pattern to improve preparation. In this way, here we have given the comprehensive exam pattern of JEE Main for both papers.

A different paper has been presented for B. Planning in JEE Main a year ago. Subsequently, JEE Main 2025 will be led to more than 3 separate papers for B. .E/B.Tech, B. Arch, and B. Planning. Numeric value answer-based question has been added to the paper pattern of JEE Main Exam 2025.

The scope of changes was presented in JEE Main Exam Pattern alongside the sorts of questions posed and the JEE Main marking scheme 2025. Paper 1 will be totally Online based with a total mark of 300 covering MCQs and numerical-value sort questions from Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. B. Arch and B. Planning papers will share mathematics and aptitude sections for all drawing and Planning with the third segment of drawing or Planning based separately. Join the JEE Main Online Crash Course 2025 and score high in mains exam 2025. We are making to student genius all the significant topics canvassed in the syllabus for every subject, for example, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics.

JEE Main Online Test series 2025

Apex or Highlights of JEE Main Exam Pattern

JEE Main Exam Duration:

B.E/ B. Tech, B. Arch and B. Planning paper will all be of a time span of 3 hours each. Applicants can sit for both B. Arch and B. Planning, in such a case, exam span will be of 3 hours 30 minutes and 4 hours for candidates with disabilities.

JEE Main 2025 Question Paper

JEE Main 2025 for paper 1 (B.Tech) will be led for 300 marks, while paper 2 (B.Arch/B.Plan) will be directed independently for 400 marks each.

JEE Main Marking Scheme

Correct answers in MCQs and Numeric Value Answer Based inquiries will be granted 4 marks each. There will be an allowance of 1 mark for each Incorrect MCQs reaction and there will be no deduction of marks unattempted questions. Drawing Exam B. Arch paper will have 2 inquiries for 50 marks each.

JEE Main Exam Pattern 2025 Paper 1 for B.E/B.Tech

Subjects Question Marks
Chemistry 25 100
Physics 25 100
Mathematics 25 100
Total 75 300

JEE Main Exam Pattern 2025 Paper 1 for B. Planning

Subjects Question Marks
Planning 25 100
Aptitude 50 200
Mathematics 25 100
Total 100 400

 JEE Main Exam Pattern 2025 Paper 1 for B. Arch

Subjects Question Marks
Drawing 2 100
Aptitude 50 200
Mathematics 25 100
Total 100 400

The significant change presented by NTA in JEE Exam 2025

  • Earlier JEE Main had two papers only, B.E/ B.Tech for a sum of 360 marks and B. Arch /B. Planning, for a sum of 390 marks.
  • It was regarding the absolute change in marks of the Question paper.

Note: – You Score better in JEE Main exam if you follow the Updated JEE Main Syllabus 2025 and prepare for the exam as per the new exam pattern.

FAQs for JEE Main 2025 Exam Pattern

  • I am not conversant in English; would I appear for the JEE Main Exam in some other language?

Ans: – Yes, you can show up in any language you wish. HRD has reported that the exam will be directed in 11 languages. The languages are Assamese, Bengali, English, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Odiya, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu.

  • Is JEE Main Pattern like the same for the Applicants of B. Tech, B. Arch, and B. Planning?

Ans: – No, the JEE Main test pattern of the two controls are unique. The subjects requested the B. Tech are mathematics, physics, and chemistry, while the subjects requested B. Arch, are mathematics, aptitude test, and drawing test. In the B. Planning test, questions are asked from mathematics, aptitude test, and planning.

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