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Math Formula for class 7

Math Formula For Class 7:

There is a list of all important formulas and little notes for each topic present in your book. It is listed in such a manner that you would love it to learn. We have put our efforts for you to score better in exam by quick revision. Math formula for class 7 chapters is on left side and the link for each formula is provided in the right column.

Math Formula for Class 7 Chapters Formulas


  • Negative Number
  • Positive Number
  • Definition of Integer
  • Properties of Integer
  • Successor
  • Predecessor
  • Operation on Integers
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Fractions and decimals

    • Proper fractions
    • Improper Fractions
    • Comparison of fractions
    • Number line representation
    • Fraction as Decimal
    • Comparison of Decimal
  • Operation on decimal
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Lines and angles

    • Terminology
    • Complementary Angles
    • supplementary Angles
    • Adjacent Angles
    • Linear Pair
    • Vertically Opposite Angles
  • Angle Made by Transversal
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Triangles and its Properties

    • Angle Sum Property
    • Exterior Angle Properties
    • complementary Angles
    • Supplementary Angles
  • Equiangular Properties
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Congruence of Triangles

    • Explanation
    • Examples
    • Theorems
    • SSS (Side-Side-Side)
    • SAS(Side-Angle-Side)
    • ASA(Angle-Side-Angle)
  • RHS(Right-Hypotenuse-Side)


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Rational number

    • Definition
    • Positive Rational Number
    • Negative Rational Number
    • Equivalent Rational Number
    • Number Line Representation
    • Standard Form
    • Comparison of Rational Number
  • Operation on Rational Number
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Perimeter and Area:

    • Perimeter of Triangle, Rectangle, Square
    • Area of Different Geometrical Figures
  • Formulas list for perimeter and area
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Algebraic Expression:

    • Terms of Expression
    • Monomial, Binomial, Trinomial Expression
    • Operation on Algebraic Expressions
  • Rules and Formulas
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Exponents and Powers:

    • Laws of Exponents
    • Operation of exponents
  • Decimal Number System
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The math formula for class 7 is based on the CBSE, ICSE and state boards and follows the NCERT curriculum. Each chapters are covered for making the students easy to learn .We have only the motive to develop ignited minds.  At this platform each and every math formula up to class 12th are available. You can also download pdf of math formulas from here.

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