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Math Formulas for Class 6

Ratio and proportion
Mensuration (1)

Formulas list:

Here is the list of all math formulas for class 6. You can revise and learn it easily.

S.N Math Formulas for Class 6


Number System

  • Natural Number
  • Whole Number
  • Positive Numbers
  • Playing with Numbers
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  • Negative Number
  • Positive Number
  • Definition of Integer
  • Properties of Integer
  • Successor
  • Predecessor
  • Operation on Integers
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  • Like fractions
  • Unlike Fractions
  • Comparison of fractions
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  • Number line representation
  • Fraction as Decimal
  • Comparison of Decimal
  • Operation on decimal
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  • Perimeter
  • Area
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  • Variables
  • Equations
  • LHS
  • RHS
  • Literals
  • Variables
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Ratio and Proportion

  • Ratio
  • Proportion
  • Unitary Method
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Chapterwise Math Formulas For Class 6:

In this section, we have provided all the essential formulas especially for quick revision and reviving for your exams. All the selected grade-6 formulas are from each chapter of your book. By this, you can save a lot of time. When you are asked a question and you don’t remember the formulas related to it at that instant you can easily get it at this platform. 


At each section of math formulas for class 6, there is a little notes which will make you more clarity in understanding terms around that particular topic. You don’t have to move further for search key terms related to each topics. As you know every topic has some bullet points which your eyes catches early. we are making efforts so that we can give you an optimistic solution for each problem which arise in your mind. Learn it anywhere, anytime.

The math formulas for class 6 is based on the CBSE, ICSE and state boards and follows the NCERT curriculum profoundly. Each chapters are covered for making the students easy to learn each and every chapters important notes. Our motto is to develop ignited minds.  Here we have provided each and every math formula upto class 12th are available. You can also download pdf of formulas list from here.

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