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Class 12 MCQ Questions of Surface Chemistry with Answers

Class 12 Chemistry MCQ Questions of Surface Chemistry with Answers is available for college students preparing to the newest syllabus guidelines. Solve MCQ Questions for class 12 to boost your speed and accuracy within the actual board exams.

Surface chemistry deals with the study of the phenomena occurring at the surface of the boundary separating two bulk phases. Adsorption is that the process of attracting and holding a substance’s molecules on the surface of a liquid or a solid leading to a better surface concentration of the molecules. Adsorbate may be a molecule of solid which is adsorbed on the surface and therefore the substance on which it’s adsorbed is named adsorbent. Desorption is that the removal of adsorbed substances from the surface. Occlusion is that the adsorption of gases on the surface of a solid.

Check the below MCQ Question for class 12 Chemistry Surface Chemistry with Answers. MCQ Questions for class 12 Chemistry with Answers were prepared based on the newest exam pattern. we’ve provided Surface Class 12 MCQ Questions with Answers to assist students understands the concept alright.

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