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Class 12 MCQ Questions of The d-and f-Block Elements with Answers

Students are advised to practice the Class 12 Chemistry MCQ Questions of The d-and f-Block Elements with Answers. MCQ Questions for class 12 Chemistry with Answers are prepared as per the newest syllabus and Exam Pattern. Students can solve these Class 12 MCQ Questions with Answers and assess their preparation level.

The d-block elements are the 40 elements contained in the four rows of ten columns. As all the d-block elements are metallic the term d-block metals are synonymous. This set of d-block elements is also often identified as the transition metals. The elements of the fourth d-block row are synthetic and radioactive. The lanthanides and actinides which are placed below the periodic table are known as f-block elements. The f-block elements are also referred to as the inner transition elements.

Students are encouraged to practice MCQ Questions for Class 12 with Answers is accessible beneath to reconsider the essential ideas and find out about the kind of questions that may appear on the board exam. Students can solve these The d-and f-Block Elements MCQ Questions with Answers and evaluate their level of preparation. 

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