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Class 12 MCQ Questions of The p-Block Elements with Answers

Solving the Class 12 Chemistry MCQ Questions of The p-Block Elements with Answers can be of outrageous assistance as you will know about every one of the concepts. The Class 12 p-Block Elements MCQ Questions with answers for a fast update of the Chapter consequently assisting you with upgrading subject knowledge.

Elements of the group 13 to 18 in the periodic table are known as p-Block components. In these components, the last electron goes to one of the outermost three p-orbital. Aside from He, their valance shell electronic setup is ns2, np(1-6). Because of the presence of d and f electrons in the inner centre of heavier p-block components, there exists a huge variety in their physical and chemical properties. Non-metals and metalloids just exist in the p-block. The heaviest element of each gathering of p-block is the most metallic in nature.

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