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MCQ Questions of Structure of Atoms with Answers

The Class 9 Science MCQ Questions of  Structure of Atoms, and builds the foundation of understanding the subject.  You should be well versed with the fundamentals of elements and molecules. In this regard, the atomic structure questions will further help in developing a strong understanding of the chapter.

Here, you will find MCQ Questions of the Structure of Atoms chapter so that you can test your knowledge. Besides, you will be prepared to face the exam papers if you are aware of similar questions beforehand. This will boost your confidence in cracking the exam with better grades as well.

Every molecule consists of atoms, and everything we see around us is formed from molecules. Atoms further include smaller charged particles that are either positively or charged.

The positively charged particles are called protons, and therefore the negative ones are called electrons. An atom also contains a neutral particle that’s called a neutron. Chemical bonding of assorted atoms takes place because of the sharing of electrons. Herein, MCQ Questions for class 9 Science deals with various questions that cover the basics similarly because of the advanced concepts.

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