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MCQ Questions of Work, Power and Energy with Answer

In general, the Class 9 Science MCQ Questions of Work, Power and Energy are recognized because of the most useful and widely applicable form of objective test elements. They might be wont to measure the foremost important educational outcomes, like understanding, knowledge, judgment, and problem-solving.

Work may be a common term that we use in our everyday life and it plays a very vital role. As we as a whole realize power changes the movement or force. However, during this course, the body on which the power is applied additionally travels through some distance. The quantity which measures the rate of work is completed is termed power.

By preparing these MCQ Questions once after completing every topic, we are ready to attempt competitive exams easily and effectively.

This article deals with the MCQ Questions for class 9 Science and answers on Work, Energy and Power which can able to understand the mechanism. They assist you in your preparations for various examinations.

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