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CBSE Exam Class 12 2020

cbse exam class 12

CBSE EXAM CLASS 12 2020 Paper Format Change

Some changes in the exam pattern 2020 for class 12 by CBSE. It has given more weight to the school-based assessment in a new pattern. The question paper formate of board exam 2020 also has major changes. Question papers will have numbers of objective type questions.

What are the major changes?

  • Internal Assessment in All Subjects:- Earlier, the internal assessment was not involved in all the subjects of class 12 but from now about 20% marks for internal assessment. Thus, form the March 2020 board exam, the Central Board of Secondary Examination, the board paper will carry 80% marks.
  • School Exams have 10 marks in final results:- In the Board Exam 2020, the school will give 10 marks in all subject in the final result. But in12th Mathematics and English subjects, the board will give 80 marks and 20 by the school. In Mathematics, 10 marks will begive by the result of school exams. The remaining 10 marks form internal evaluation
  • More Numbers of Objective questions:-  It will be 25% objective type question in board examination. Thus, out of 80, the subjective type has 60 marks where you are required to write detailed answers.
  • Increase The Number of Internal Choices in Different Questions:- In 2019 Board Exams the internal options in all sections of question paper were increased by 33%. The same practice shall continue for all subjects in the class 12 board examination 2020. The increased number of choices helps you to pick a question which they are more confident about. This definitely helps you to enhance your marks in the board examination.
  • Practical exam at external examination centers:-  The practical examinations in the month of December and main examinations may start from February 15, 2019, in CBSE class 12 board. However, the board has not issued any confirmation regarding the same.

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