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Class 10 Chemistry Notes: Learn, Revise, Prepare

class 10 chemistry notes

Class 10 Chemistry Notes:

As you are in class 10. You have to seat in the board exam. You have much to do but there is a little time for you. If at this time you want to read the whole book and make the note for the same is so much tough. Also, it is waste of time. To save your precious time we have provided here class 10 chemistry notes for you which is a sub-section of class 10 science notes. Here we have provided you with end to end explanation of each topic point-wise. We have written in the same way as you write in the board exam. To make your understanding, as well as learning power, appropriate you should read the notes carefully and score better in exams.

Need for Class 10 chemistry notes:

It will waste much of your time when you start reading your book point to point when your exam is near. Apart from the waste of time, you can’t have a concept what to write in the exam as it is explained there in detail. But in notes, you will get exact core point details of each topic what you should exactly write in the exam. Here we have analyzed the CBSE question paper of last 10 years and made the notes based on it. To increase your efficiency of learning clear all your concepts related to it.

Advantage of chemistry notes:

The chemistry class 10 chapter wise revision notes is sure to help you in easing any of stress before your examinations. Each chapter is designed as per the weightage assigned officially by boards that conducts the exam. If you have interest in studying science further you must clear all the concepts of chemistry what is in class 10 itself. It will ease you in studying chemistry further if you take science stream in class 11.

Table of Class 10 chemistry notes:

Here is the list of notes of each chapter of class 10 in tabular form. Please take a look at it.

S.No. Class 10 chemistry notes
1. Chemical reactions and equations notes
2. Acids, Bases and Salts notes
3. Metals and Non-metals notes
4. Carbon and its compounds notes
5. Periodic classification of elements notes


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